CBSE Corner

1. Name of the School with address                                                 Army Public School Damana
(strictly as per affiliation sanction letter or as permitted               (Muthi )Jammu 
by the board) with pin code  no.                                                         J & K-181205
(i) E-mail
(ii) Ph.No. 0191-2604786
(iii) Fax No. 0191-2604786
2. Year of Establishment of School 1 April 1978
3. Whether NOC from State/UT By state Govt
Or recommendation of Embassy
Of India obtained?
(i) NOC No.
(ii) NOC issuing date 02 Mar 13
4. Is the School is recognized, if yes by which Authority                   Yes by CBSE
5. Status of affiliation:
Permanent/Regular/Provisional                                                      Regular
(i) Affiliation No. 730020
(ii) Affiliation with the board since 01 Apr 1997
(iii) Extension of affiliation upto 31 Mar 2014
6. Name of Trust/Society/Company Army Welfare Education Society
Registered under section 25 of the
Company Act,1956.
Period up to which Registration of
Trust/Society is valid
7. List of members of School
Managing Committee with their post held
(a)    Chairman     -   SM Brig Abhijit Chandra

         (b)    Members

(i)            AQMG HQ Chenab Bde

(ii)         GE, Jammu

(iii)          Principal, TAPPS Damana – Educationist.

(iv)         Principal, KV Bantalab- Educationist.

(v)          2 x Parents to be nominated by the Principal, APS Damana.

(vi)         Mrs Gurdeep Kaur, TGT (SST) (Sr Scale).

(vii)        Mrs Anurita Kaul, PRT.

          (c)     Invitee Member  -           SO to Chairman.

8. Name of official address of                                                         Dr.Renu Gupta
the Manager/President/Chairman/                                                C/o Vill.Barnai
Correspondent                                                                                      P.O Muthi
(i) E-mail
(ii) Ph.No. 0191-2604786
(iii) Fax No. 0191-2604786
9. Area of School Campus
(i) In Acres 8.5
(ii) In Sq.mtrs 34398.2794
(iii) Bulit up area(sq.mtrs) 4944
(iv) Area of Playground in Sq.mtrs 5020
(v) Other Facilities
(i) Swimming Pool No
(ii) Indoor Games No
(iii) Dance Rooms Yes
(iv) Gymnasium No
(v) Music Rooms Yes
(vi) Hostels No
(vii) Health and Medical Check Up Yes
10. Details of Fee Structure                                                   As Per AWES fee structure
11. Transport Facility
 (i) Own Buses   yes
 {II) Bus Hired On Contract Basis no
(III) Details of Transport Charges Rs.500 per month
12.Particulars of Teaching Staff.
Ser No Name of Teacher Designation Edn Qualification D.O.B (mm/dd/yy) Trained/ Untrained Date of Appt Regular/ Contractual /Adhoc
1. Dr Renu Gupta Principal Ph D (Pol Sc) B Ed 12/07/1958 Trained 28.02.00 Regular
2 Mr Suresh Kumar Koul PGT(Eng) MA(Eng), B Ed 03/22/1960 Trained 01.04. 05 Regular
4 Mrs Shallu Kapoor PGT(Physics) M Sc (Physics) B Ed 10/27/1975 Trained 02.04.09 Regular
5 Mr Varinder Singh PGT(PHE) MP, Ed 02/25/1980 Trained 02.04.09 Regular
6 Mr Narinder Singh PGT(Computer) M Sc(IT) 09/07/1972 Trained 13.04.09 Regular
8 Mrs Shashi Dogra PGT(Bio) M Sc (Bio), B Ed 05/09/1980 Trained 01.04.11 Regular
9 Mrs Arti Gupta PGT(Commerce) MA(Com), B Ed 08/03/1977 Trained 01.04.12 Regular
1 Mrs Jyotsana Sharma Senior Scale TGT(Maths) M.Sc, M Ed 03/13/1966 Trained 01.08.95 Regular
2 Mrs Sangeeta Sehgal Senior Scale TGT(SST) MA (Soc) , B Ed. 01/22/1969 Trained 01.08.95 Regular
3 Mr Sita Ram Sharma TGT(Sanskrit) MA(Acharya), B Ed 01/01/1970 Trained 01.12.95 Regular
4 Mrs Nirmal Sawhney TGT(Lib) B Sc, M (Lib), B Ed 09/30/1971 Trained 16.07.97 Regular
5 Mrs Gurdeep Kaur Senior Scale TGT(SST) MA (Eng), M Ed 06/01/1967 Trained 03.09.98 Regular
6 Mr Sham Lal Sharma TGT(Art & Craft) MFA, PHD CCDP(Pottery) DTP 05/11/1962 Trained 16.04.03 Regular
7 Mr Ravinder Singh Anand TGT(Maths) B Sc B Ed,MA(Eng) 11/29/1965 Trained 16.04.03 Regular
8 Mr Jagbushan Bakshi TGT(Music) MA (Music) 05/28/1964 Trained 05.07.99 Regular(Upgraded from PRT(Music) wef 06 Jun 2013)
2 Mrs Sadhna Koul PRT(Art & Craft) BFA, B Ed 01/18/1959 Trained 16.08.95 Regular
3 Mrs Amita Sharma PRT MA(Hindi), B Ed 06/01/1961 Trained 22.04.95 Regular
4 Mrs Rajesh Kumari Sharma PRT B Sc, B Ed 09/29/1964 Trained 31.10.95 Regular
5 Mrs Anu Gupta Senior Scale PRT B Sc, M Ed 11/05/1971 Trained 22 .09.95 Regular
6 Mrs Simmi Jamwal Senior Scale PRT MA(Hindi), B Ed 04/06/1969 Trained 04.12.95 Regular
8 Mrs Gurmeet Kour Senior Scale PRT BA, M Ed 05/14/1967 Trained 03.04.99 Regular
9 Mrs Gagandeep Bedi Senior Scale PRT(PHE) BA,BP Ed 09/22/1976 Trained 06.01.00 Regular
11 Mrs Rimpy Thaploo PRT MA Eng, B Ed 07/17/1979 Trained 08.04.02 Regular
12 Mrs Kiran Bala PRT MA (Hindi), M Ed 10/18/1968 Trained 08.04.02 Regular

13. Details of Salary being paid by the School to Teaching/Non-teaching Staff     As per recommendations of VI-CPC
14. Mode of Payment of Salary
(i) Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing SBI ADB Talab Tillo Jammu
(ii) Through single cheque transfer advice Yes
(iii) Individual cheque No
(iv) Cash No
15. Library Facilities
(i) Size of the library in sq.feet 1440
(ii) No. of periodicals 34
(iii) No.of Dailies 18
(iv) No.of Reference books class-wise 571
(v) No.of Magazine 25
(vi) Others -
16. Name of the Grievance/redressal Officer       Chairman APS Damana With E-mail,Ph.No,Fax.No                                                 0191-2604786
17. Members of Sexual Harassment Committee
S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.Renu Gupta Principal Chairman
2 Mrs Sangeeta Sehgal TGT(SST)
3 Mrs Nirmal Sawhney TGT(Lib)
4 Mrs Amita Sharma Mother Member
18. Section/Class Wise enrolment of School for the Current Session
Class/Sections Total Enrolment
I A, B, C 151
II A, B, C 140
III A, B, C 134
IV A, B, C,D 143
V A, B, C 149
VI A, B, C,D 148
VII A, B, C 163
VIII A, B, C 115
I X A, B, C,D 153
X A, B, C 108
XI A, B, C 111
XII A, B, C 87
Total 1602
19. Academic session period                                  April to March
20. Vacation period                                                    last week May to First week July
21. Admission period                                                April to March