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                             SESSION 2016-17
                      SCHOOL CALENDAR

03 April 2017

Beginning of New Academic Session Class II-X

10 Apr 2017

Beginning of New Academic Session Class I

17 April 2017

Beginning of the Academic Session Class XI

April 2017

Sahodaya Inter School Basketball (Boys) APS Akhnoor (Girls) Nagbani

21 April 2017

Orientation Class VI &VII

22 April 2017

Orientation Classes III-V

24 April 2017

Orientation Class VIII & IX

25 April 2017

Orientation Class X

25-28 April 2017

Inter Class/ Section Frog Jump, Hop Race, spoon &Lemon Race, Sac Race, Three Leg Race (I-V)

28 April 2017

Inter Class/Section English Poem Recitation Class I&II

Inter House Hindi Debate Competition Class IV

Inter Class/sec Athletics Class VI

29 April 2017

AWES Day Celebration

Inter House Display Your Talent (Mid & Sr)

01 May-19 May 2017

Evaluation I Cycle I Class I & II

04May-12 May 2017

Unit Test I Class XII

04May 2017

Inter Class/sec  Table Tennis (Boys &Girls) Class VII

06 May 2017

Orientation Class I & II

Inter Class/section Football (Boys &Girls) Class VIII

May 2017

Sahodaya Inter School Football (Boys) Sr  Heritage School/ Jr  JP World  

Sahodaya Inter School Chess Competition (Sr) SOS Hermann Gmeiner School

18 May 2017

Inter class/ Section Display Board Competition Class I-XII

Inter Class/section Badminton (Boys & Girls) Class IX

Inter Class/Section Basketball (Girls) Football (Boys) Class X

20 May 2017

Inter Class/section English Extempore Class III

Inter Class /Section Spellathon Class V                 

21 May- 09 July 2017

Summer Vacations (I-XI)

27May 2017

PTM Unit Test I Class XII

02 June 2017

Summer Vacations Class XII

10 July 2017

Reopening of the school after Summer Vacations

July 2017

Sahodaya Inter School Badminton APS Kaluchak

Sahodaya Inter School Science Exhibition APS Damana

10 July- 17 July 2017

Unit Test II Class XII

Inter Class/sec Basketball (Boys & Girls)Class XI

15 July 2017

PTM Evaluation I Cycle I Class I&II

Inter House Invitation Card Making (Mid & Sr)

Inter House Display Board Competition (Jr, Mid & Sr)

July 2017

Students Questionnaire

24 July- 31 July 2017

Periodic Test I (UTI) Class III-X

25 July-31 July 2017

Evaluation I Cycle II Class I&II

Inter Class /Section Badminton(Girls) &Volleyball (Boys)Class XII

29 July 2017

PTM Unit Test II Class XII

Aug 2017

Sahodaya Inter School Swimming Competition  Jodhamal Public school

Sahodaya Inter School English debate (Jr) DPS Kathua (Sr) APS Jammu Cantt

Sahodaya Inter school Painting DPS Udhampur

Sahodaya Inter school Quiz Competition APS Damana

10Aug – 12 Aug 2017

 Inter Army School Football Competition (Boys)

14 Aug 2017

Inter Class/ Section Fancy Dress Competition Class I

Inter House Group Dance Competition Classes III-V

17 Aug- 19 Aug 2017

Inter Army School Badminton Competition (Boys & Girls )

19 Aug 2017

PTM  Periodic Test I (UTI) Class III-X

PTM Evaluation I Cycle II Class I-II    Parents Questionnaire

21 Aug- 28 Aug 2017

Unit Test I Class XI

21 Aug- 31 Aug 2017

Half Yearly Class XII

26 Aug 2017

Inter House Solo Singing Competition(Sr)

Inter House Group Song Competition (Mid)

04 Sep-25 Sep 2017

Evaluation II Cycle I Class I&II

06 Sep- 08 Sep 2017

Inter Army School Basketball Competition (Boys & Girls )

12 Sep 2017

Inter Army School Hindi Debate Competition

Sep 2017

Sahodaya Inter school Judo/ Karate Competition GD Goenka/JK Public

Sahodaya Inter school Declamation (Jr) Stephen’s International  (Sr) Model Academy School

15 Sep 2017

Inter Class/ Section Show & Tell Competition Class I &II

16 Sep 2017

PTM Unit Test I Class XI

PTM Half Yearly Class XII

Inter House Extempore Competition (Mid & Sr)

22 Sep- 29 Sep 2017

Half Yearly  Class III-X

Sep/Oct 2017

Principal’s Session