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                                    MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”

-Albert Einstein

Life is a continual journey abounding with completely unexpected moments. Undertaking this journey with zeal is only possible if one is well adapted and prepared for what may lie forward.  Knowledge and enlightenment; the two key elements of true education  play a mighty role in preparing  an individual  to face whatsoever challenges life throws in its path.

We at APS Damana aim at empowering our students to embark on this journey of life and face challenges with aplomb and accept success with humility. The core values of this institution, which are derived from motto of the Indian Army ‘Service before Self’ buds in the hearts of each and every member of the APSDian family. Our students are taught to be independent leaders with a mind full of thoughts and also to act within the framework of discipline and decorum.  Enjoying and excelling in sports, environmental issues and other co-curricular activities is encouraged as much as mastery of various areas of academics.

With an aim to broaden the students’ sense of responsibility, the theme ‘Innovative Pedagogy and Experiential Learning’ has been envisaged for the session 2019-20. Innovative Pedagogy including active learning and experiential learning harness the child’s interpersonal, analytical, public speaking skills along with immense confidence infusion.

We impress upon the belief that every child of this institute is a winner in his own special way. Students who can inculcate the values of selflessness, tolerance, honesty and integrity in their lives can triumph in any field they choose and place them far above the others in their areas of expertise. With a heart full of gratitude, I wish my students to excel in all frames of their lives and leave a trail of footprints for others to follow.



Regards and abundant blessings


Mrs Pushpinder Kaur

Principal APS Damana